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[Tianrun News] Adhere to Belief, Practise Belief 2017-07-02
[Tianrun News] Organizing themodel workers to undergo physicalexamination and a health lecture 2017-07-01
[Tianrun News] Arrange women employees a trip to Weifang Branch Companyand Qingzhoufor sightseeing 2017-06-20
[Tianrun News] Tianrun Crankshaft Co., Ltd won ¡°Shandong Province Governor Quality Award¡± nomination. 2017-06-09
[Tianrun News] Chairman & General Manager Reception Day Successfully Held 2017-05-24
[Tianrun News] Tianrun Crankshaft Co., Ltd won the title of the Integrating of the Informatization and Industrialization ¡°mass entrepreneurship and innovation¡± from among the top 25 Enterprises 2017-05-24
[Tianrun News] Weihai Craftsman in Tianrun--Wu Gang and Xia Yongping 2017-05-11
[Tianrun News] Chairman of BAIC Group Mr. Xu Heyi Visit Tianrun 2017-03-22
[Tianrun News] Tianrun Crankshaft was identified as ¡°National Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise¡± 2016-11-19
[Tianrun News] Efficiency builds quality £¬efficiency accomplishes the future 2016-06-28
[Tianrun News] Tianrun Crankshaft won the "Weihai Mayor Quality Award" 2016-04-02
[Tianrun News] Tianrun crankshaft won the "2015 Daimler Global Excellent Supplier Truck Group Best Cooperation Award nomination" 2016-02-27

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